PLUGS® (Patient-centered Laboratory Utilization Guidance Services) is a laboratory stewardship collaborative with a mission to improve laboratory test access, ordering, retrieval, interpretation and reimbursement.

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PLUGS® is leading the following four initiatives

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Genetic testing case review to support healthcare systems and insurance payers in effectively administering their genetic testing caseload. GeneTestAdvisor is provided in partnership with Metis Genetics as an additional contracted service.

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Insurance Alignment to guide national consensus policies related to laboratory tests and framework and guidance to build partnerships with local payors to improve efficiencies around test review and improve reimbursement outcomes. This will ultimately increase testing approval for patients who meet medical necessity criteria.

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Appropriate utilization of clinical laboratory services is important for patient care and requires institutional stewardship. Clinical laboratory stewardship programs are dedicated to improving the ordering, retrieval, and interpretation of appropriate laboratory tests. In addition, these programs focus on developing, maintaining, and improving systems to provide proper financial coverage for medically necessary testing. Overall, clinical laboratory stewardship programs help clinicians improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs to patients, hospitals, and health systems.

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Laboratory Stewardship Program, Tools & Education to help hospital laboratories, reference laboratories, and practitioners implement their own laboratory stewardship programs. These programs improve patient safety by reducing errors, and significantly reduce laboratory testing expenses.

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Meet Our Team

MA - Cropped Headshot

Mike Astion, MD, PhD

PLUGS Co-Founder
Medical Director,
Seattle Children’s Dept. of Laboratories
Clinical Professor, University of Washington

JD - Headshot

Jane Dickerson, PhD

PLUGS Co-Founder, Dir. of Clinical Services
Dir. of Chemistry Lab, Seattle Children’s
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington

MW - Headshot

Monica Wellner

PLUGS Director of Operations
Laboratory Director, Seattle Children’s

JC - Headshot

Jessie Conta, MS, CGC

PLUGS Co-Founder, Director of Genetic Counseling Services
Genetic Counselor, Seattle Children’s

Sarah Clowes Candadai

Sarah Clowes Candadai, MS, CGC

PLUGS Program Manager
Seattle Children’s Hospital

DS - Headshot

Darci Sternen, MS, CGC

PLUGS Account Manager
Project Manager – Case
Management & Insurance Advocacy
Genetic Counselor, Seattle Children’s

SS - Headshot

PLUGS Account Manager
Project Manager – Communications & Outreach
Genetic Counselor, Seattle Children’s

BC - Cropped Headshot

Bonnie Cole, MD

PLUGS Consultant
Pathologist, Seattle Children’s
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington

CP - Headshot

PLUGS Consultant
Pathologist, Seattle Children’s
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington

Robyn Reed Headshot

Robyn Reed, MD

PLUGS Consultant
Pathologist, Seattle Children’s
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington